DELETE ​/api​/v3​/account​/me​/preferences​/saved_location​/:id

Removes a saved location from the user’s preferences.


Example Request

  "auth_token": "abc1245920feab98ca"

Example Parameters

  • auth_token: The user's auth_token obtained by calling the auth API. If provided, the response will indicate follow status for elements in the followers array.
    • Required: yes
    • Type: string
    • Example: abc1245920feab98ca


Response Codes

Successful Response Codes

  • 204: The location was removed.

Failure Response Codes

  • 401: Invalid or missing auth_token parameter

  • 422: The object failed validation. The response contains an errors key that can be used to describe the specific validation errors encountered.

  • 500: An error occurred.