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Retina Images

Images are returned by a number of endpoints. These images usually have a variety of versions. Take the /v3/account/me endpoint:

  "id": 20224,
  "username": "yoshi",
  "email": "",
  "full_name": "Yoshi Nakamura",
  "avatar": {
    "large": "",
    "small": ""

Here we have large and small versions of the user's avatar. The small version is intended to be used in lists, while the large version is more suited to a profile screen.

For devices that have hi resolution displays (Retina on iOS, High DPI on Android) you can request that 2X images be returned by setting the DELI-RETINA header with your request. When DELI-RETINA is present, the urls above will point to images that are exactly twice as large as the non-retina versions.